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Web3 Data Simplified

Data Analytics for Celo Blockchain

Query Celo blockchain data using SQL. Create, build, collaborate and share dashboards. Track tokens and dApps using our pre-built dashboards

  • Near-Realtime Data Freshness
  • Access public dashboards for Free - No Login required
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Stay ahead of the curve using our Data Platform

Realtime Data

Our data sources are updated near-realtime allowing for accurate analysis and helping draw timely insights

Flexible Engine

Query blockchain data by writing SQL queries. Save and share SQL queries and build dashboards with builtin widgets

Fast and Intuitive

Easily build dashboards that load quick and can auto-refresh using the built-in widgets, backed by the SQL queries


Rely on our stable platform to provide access to accurate data needed for the success of your web3 application and tokens

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Make Data-driven decisions

Write SQL queries using our query editor to draw meaningful insights from the blockchain data. Build and share freely realtime dashboards to track the performance of your tokens, smart contracts and dApps

  • Choose from a wide range of widgets to build your dashboards
  • Bring your own data and query alongside blockchain data for deeper perspectives
  • Create alerts to different destinations on your queries
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Trending Dashboards

Meet some of our most popular dashboards

Moola Asset Comparison

Use this dashboard for a quick comparison of all the assets on Moola

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PACT-CELO Liquidity Pool

Unique user analysis for the PACT-CELO liquidity pool.

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Stable Coins Metrics

An overview of stable coin stats on Celo blockchain.

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Attestations SMS Traffic

Metrics about SMS traffic generated by attestation service.

View Dashboard

Celo Attestations Contract

Track the performance of the Celo attestations contract using this dashboard. Login required to access this dashboard.

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